Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car Accident Whiplash Issues
Involved in a Crash?

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The unthinkable can happen at any moment where you are involved in a car or truck accident. Since Florida is a no fault state there may be some litigation on medical treatments but we serve our community to help get you back on your feet. It is certainly debilitating trying to work or perform tasks in your daily routine so choosing our chiropractic services is your first step in improving your quality of life.

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Complete Care for Your Injury


An unpredicted impact on your body can knock your spine out of alignment causing discomfort such as stiffness, pain or restricted movement. You may have incurred an injury that just won’t heal itself over time and medication will just mask the issue, not fix it. Our goal is to get to the bottom of the root cause and get you on track to recovery.

  • Treat Inflammation
  • Improve Range of Motion
  • Non-Invasive Treatment
  • Reduce Scar Tissue
  • Minimize Pain
  • Regain Function
Whiplash & Herniated Discs
Motor Vehicle Accident Neck Pain
Nerve Damage & Shoulder Pain
Carpel Tunnel Arthritis Issues in Wrist
Neck & Back Pain
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