Acute Chiropractic Care

Man with Acute Back Pain
Is an Injury Getting the Best of You?

Chiropractic for Acute Pain

Sometimes sleeping wrong, working or playing with your kids in the yard can give you an injury. It may nag you for some time but it is possible something is just out of whack and needs attention. Proper alignment can help free up the nerves in the spine that is creating pain in a specific area. There is no reason to suffer so start with chiropractic and take the natural approach.

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Don't Let it Lead to Chronic Issues

Pain Could Last Weeks or Months


When you first get an injury we want to control the pain so that future adjustments can help fix the underlying issue. It is usually sudden and sharp. Once you can function a little better we can implement more techniques to get to the root cause and get you back on track. We use a variety or therapy and exercises depending on how severe the pain is.

How It Happens
  • Activity Injury
  • Bad Sleep
  • Auto Accidents
  • Work Related
  • Lifting Improperly
  • Bending Awkwardly
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